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Welcome to Toddler's Hill

Toddler's Hill is a new purpose built facility opened on March 31st 2008 in Moorehall Rise, Ardee. The building was designed in line with the Pre-School Regulations and also includes best practice features including CCTV throughout the building. An air ventilation system has also been installed purifying the air in all the rooms' continually throughout the day. There are five children's rooms catering for each stage of a pre-school child's development. The individual rooms are designed to meet each age groups developmental stage in a warm and welcoming environment.


The aim of Toddler's Hill is to create a safe, fun and stimulating environment for children – this is why we have based the design of the building on meeting the individual needs of children. All children attending Toddler's Hill will have individual programme plans that match their development needs and stages.


Our curriculum is based on Aisteair and Solta.