Ages & Stages

Ages & Stages at Toddler's Hill

Babies (3 Months to 12 Months):

Toddler's HillAll babies are cared for in our specially designed baby room - we only cater for six babies at one time to maximise the experience for the baby providing individual attention and care. Toddler's Hill offers a high staff ratio in order to facilitate the individual needs of the child. There is a separate sleep area with cctv, monitors and a viewing window from the baby room. At Toddler's Hill we offer an induction period prior to the official start date to allow parents, child and carers to develop a relationship, establish the child's routine and for the child to familiarise themselves to their new surroundings at their own pace.


Wobblers (12 Months to 24 Months ):

Toddler's HillThe move into the wobblers is a planned move based on the child's needs. In the Wobbler room they are introduced to a slightly more structured routine but individual needs such as the child's rest times will be built into their routine. In the Wobbler room they will be introduced to more activities - arts and crafts encouraging the child to experience new textures, play and fun.



Cruisers (1 Years Months to 2 Years):

Toddler's HillThis group is a more mobile and active group - we introduce a little more routine and structure in this room. The curriculum introduces more challenging activities to develop the child's skills and the educational focus increases particularly in the area of language development.


Toddlers (2 Years to 3 Years):

When children graduate to the Toddler Room there is a focus on a pre-school curriculum introducing them to a more structured learning environment. This is a time when children develop their independence and often start toilet training- the staff at Toddler's Hill will work in partnership with parents to develop a routine for the child that can be followed at home and in the crche.


Montessori (3 Years - 5 Years):

The Montessori Curriculum delivered by trained staff promotes the development of independent skills, reading, writing and numeric skills. The aim at Toddler's Hill is to provide each child with basic skills to ensure they enter into the formal education system secure, happy and confident in their abilities. The curriculum reflects a balance between formal learning and learning about the world around them.