Toddler's Hill Security

  • Security is a priority at Toddler's Hill - creating an environment that is safe for all families engaged in our care. In Toddler's Hill there are several tiers to our security system - the secure entry and exit system, the CCTV, policies on visitors to the crche (identification checks, signing entry and exit times) and a clear policy and procedure for collection of children - only authorised parents/ guardians. Toddlers Hill has CCTV in every room and on the outside play areas. There is a secure entry and exit system - there is a front hall and a separate main entrance to the crche facility. There is a keypad entry system at the front door - only parents are given the access code. This code allows entry into a front hall - here we have a buzzer system with camera for each room so staff will check the camera, identify that the person has permission to collect a child and then will they release the main door for entry into the building.