Family Support

Family Support, Consultancy & Advice

  • Family support specialist Jeanne Thorne is now offering families in the north east the opportunity to attend for individual consultations. Jeanne is the owner and manager of Toddler's Hill. With masters in family support and almost 20 years experience in supporting parents, Jeanne specialises in:
  • Routine Management ( Supporting Parents in developing a routine that reflects the individual needs of the child and family)
  • Sleep Management ( Developing a positive sleep routine for the child and supporting parents who are experiencing difficulty settling a child at night)
  • Assisting families to adapt to changing circumstances (Supporting Families through changing patterns in family life helping parents explore effective ways of helping their child adapt to change)
  • Supporting Families in developing beneficial patterns of behaviour (At different times children may exhibit new behaviours that present a challenge for the family - supporting parents in developing new techniques to support both the child and family)


In working with families Jeanne explore the strengths and challenges within each family situation and works with parents to build upon the strengths and thus promote the child's development.